Intelligentsia Single Origin French Press!!

The French Press is frequently thought of as an antiquated device from the dark ages of coffee brewing. The simple fact is, the French Press brewing method was actually developed in the 1900s with the first official patent in 1929. Electric brewers were well on their way to being created and percolators had been used for over 100 years! So why was such a simple device created so late in the game?

The simple dark truth is Most brewers extract only about 70% of coffee grounds and never fully saturate the other 30%. This process gives you an unevenly brewed cup of coffee lacking the full flavors from other methods. Percolators will brew every bit of your coffee, but then it brews it again and again and again giving you a burnt taste that most likely wasn’t from the roasting process.
While some people suggest the pour over method as a way to bypass the sloppy automatic drip this method leaves a lot of oil behind in the filter. The oil is where its at. Our beans are roasted fresh to bring these flavors out and we don’t want to leave any behind. When you fresh roast, fresh grind and french press you taste the difference. You will enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be tasted.